15 “Tricks” Your Dog Can Teach You

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5 min readJan 25, 2023


Dogs have a unique way of looking at the world and interacting with it. From their impeccable senses to their ability to learn new things quickly, they have much to teach us. In this article, we will explore some things you can learn from your favorite canine companion, but the truth is, the list goes on to be much more expansive than what’s listed in this article.

  1. Don’t judge a dog by its bark. Dogs are way smarter than we give them credit for, more often than not. Not only do they learn tricks, behaviors, mannerisms, and much more, but they also have a natural inclination toward loyalty, and non-verbal communication with their closest friends. They have a sense of emotional intelligence and will choose their actions wisely according to their situation.
  2. Love unconditionally and be loyal to those who care, show compassion, or display acts of loyalty towards you.
  3. Sharing is caring. Each dog deserves a piece, just don’t be late for dinner.
  4. A bark is louder than words and far better at getting on a person’s nerves. Be persistent and firm when you speak — really say it with your chest & let ‘em have it!
  5. Nibbles come from the heart. Although uncomfortable, and potentially very painful, a tiny little bite (or a couple hundred) is a good reminder that love hurts; but the pain is fleeting when you have something reliable to bite down on.
  6. Protect Your Peoples — an enemy of yours is an enemy of Mine. I’m not implying you should act as a martyr in every seemingly halfway dangerous situation in your life, but one should stand up for theirfriends, & if presented with what you’d presume to be a danger, do your very best to look out for the interest & safety of those which you claim are a part of your pack.
  7. Be excited about going outside! Take a walk with your favorite canine companion, do some exercise, bellow your praises into the sky, or hug a tree if need be! The point being, it’s good for you.
  8. Intelligence & fine motor skills are not limited to human beings. Dogs are more adaptable and capable than ever before. With a patient, dedicated trainer, & the will to learn anything for positive reinforcements, a dog can learn to drive, understand hundreds of commands in multiple languages, communicate full ideas and thoughts with humans words recorded on buttons, lead the blind, or even be trained as a personal security guard.
  9. Any form of trauma can be overcome. Sometimes all you need is a best friend that can be there for you through the bad times. Whether they have sharp teeth & beady eyes, or not.
  10. Leave your mark anywhere you deem fit. Dogs tend to “leave their mark” on items or locations they happen to like and claim as their own / their territory. Leave your mark in life. Make it yours.
  11. Drop your “burdens” in the dirt and keep it pushing. No need to hold it in, or up, or out… maybe down OR just let it go. Once a dog finds its favorite place to “go”, it does.
  12. Yes, excitement can sometimes be unbearable. Some dogs pee, some dogs leap & bound for joy, and some wail their souls away just to let you know how much they missed you — never be ashamed of something you love or how it makes you feel. One should be able to express one’s self and allow others to do the same.
  13. We all can supersede our bad habits. No matter the age of a good boy, there will always will the possibility of a negative tendency or two. The good news is, with time and proper practice in eliminating the undesired behavior, any person (or dog) can learn to correct it.
  14. Be aware of your senses & surroundings at all times. Dogs have impeccable senses. Their sense of smell, hearing, and sometimes even sight, make our own feeble human senses pale in comparison. They use their senses differently though; their instincts have given them an amazing capacity to live in the moment and adapt to different situations quickly. It also allowed them to be apex predators when they used to be found in the wild. Situational awareness goes a long way in the grand scheme of things, but it’s also important to recognize any feelings being had during any given happenstance to gain more insight into it.
  15. A tight leash creates tension. Tension is uncomfortable. In most situations one could have, it’s best to allow for some slack for yourself and others. No one person or thing is perfect, meaning that chaos and problems are bound to arise. It’s an inherent part of life, so in that sense, one must learn to go with the flow. Not to say a person should not be organized or strict with their routines, but that allowing for the possibility of a mishap to occur is simply a good idea. Especially in terms of proper preparations. Also, actively choking a thing for wanting some personal space would only make it mad.

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