Manifesting Through The Awareness of Self

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Understanding where a person’s thoughts, emotions, and behaviors come from can be a complex and nuanced process. However, there are several techniques and approaches that can help individuals gain insight into the factors that influence their decisions at the internal level, as well as their ability to carry out desired actions or outcomes.

The first approach we’ll be discussing is mindfulness. In this process, an individual dedicates their focus to the present moment with an open non-judgmental attitude. Doing so, whilst keeping a clear mind, decisive heart, and pure intentions; an individual will inevitably become more aware of their ability to sustain consistent positive outcomes through the awareness of their emotions and physical sensations — all felt within the body and the auric field. This allows for an understanding of how they are interconnected and provides insight to the individual seeking mastery over the “self”. By becoming evermore aware of these internal experiences, one can begin to realize where their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors are rooted; allowing for the transmutation of those aspects into positive outcomes in your immediate environment.

Another approach is to engage in journaling or self-reflection for the very same purpose of self-awareness. Writing down one’s thoughts and emotions can help to process them more clearly, leading to an internalized understanding of those aspects of the self. It can also help individuals identify the patterns and themes within their own thoughts and emotions, that may have previously been overlooked. Through the means of recollecting and reflecting on past experiences, one learns to use such a process as a tool to observe the influence of their thoughts and emotions experienced during any given situation. Probing through the series of events of a past situation in this manner will assist an individual in understanding which behaviors and actions lead to the outcomes of a given situation.

Dialoguing with a trusted companion or therapist is yet another method and powerful tool for understanding one’s internal influences on day-to-day life. Having such an in-depth conversation with a trusted individual can help a person to explore their own thoughts and emotions by means of allowing themselves to “speak their peace”, typically in a safe non-judgmental environment, and will help individuals identify their subconscious or repressed patterns as they are bounced off the intellect of a trusted individual. Despite any preconceived notions of therapists, they are trained to assist individuals having difficulties with the observation of their own psyche by developing positive coping strategies and solutions to manage difficult patterns of thought, bad behaviors, and misplaced, repressed, or retained emotions.

Familiarizing one’s self with the impact of their emotions and thoughts is crucial in understanding their effect — allowing the individual a chance to modify all internal aspects in any given, similar situation going forward. Sustained or unchecked, negative or deeply affective outcomes may cause trauma and lead to persistent negative thoughts and/or emotions, underlining the significance of understanding how one’s past experiences are impacting their present and probably their future.

Coming to know one’s own personality and how it has been shaped by past experiences is also very helpful in the scheme of things. It signifies the certain level of self-awareness required to manifest the most positively conceivable outcomes for your environment/reality. By coming to know one’s self deeply, ranging anywhere from the development of the personality, to figuring out one’s deepest desires, to the formation of one’s very thoughts and intent; the individual becomes aware that they have indubitably been influenced by past experiences, which have in turn influenced the occurrence, or lack thereof, of a similar situation happening again; due to internal decision-making and in-depth knowledge (or lack thereof) of their mental, emotional, and physical behaviors.

Through self-awareness, a person’s thoughts, emotions, and behaviors are to be rooted out to their stem, which can be a difficult and tedious process. However, by practicing mindfulness, engaging in self-reflection, seeking therapy or counsel, and understanding that all things are a byproduct of an individual’s internal experience being projected outwardly; trauma, and both past and present experiences can be transmuted into positive action by the individual who has insight into the internal factors that influence their own actions and behaviors, which in essence determine their environment. This, in and of itself, is the superpower that grants any individual who practices mastery over themselves, the ability to begin manifesting their desires into their reality through the control of their internal factors, leading to inner harmony — which in turn attracts a harmonious external environment. When the internal factors are in harmony with the external ones, the desires of the individual(s) involved begin to occur naturally within the environment. This is due to all factors being aligned without conflict, and thusly there is nothing to counter or contest the existence of the individual’s manifestation.

Happy Manifesting!

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