The Law of Correspondence: the 2nd Universal Law of the Emerald Tablets

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In = Out, it’s a matter of perspective.

On the journey of self-improvement and understanding of the self, the Law of Correspondence shines as a beacon of insight to those seeking an enlightened sense of balance in life. It is a hermetic principle, said to have been passed down to humanity from the ancient being known as “Thoth the Atlantean” who through his writings and teachings, strove to illuminate a path toward harmony and interconnectivity between all things.

The Law of Correspondence is represented by the statement “As above, so below; as within, so without,”. It stands as one of the 12 foundational statements of esoteric thought as it addresses the relationship between our internal and external environments, the large and the small, the seen and the unseen, etc. Through this principle, we can dive deep into the understanding of unity at the universal scale — aka, oneness.

This concept of correspondence simplifies the infinite complexities of the cosmos by identifying one, singular fact. The patterns and behaviors displayed at the largest scales of existence are a reflection of the smallest, and vice versa. This cosmic spectrum entails everything from inconceivable sub-quantum forces and frequencies that do not have a material form, all the way up to the largest structures that could ever be conceived or imagined, such as the universe itself.

Comparatively, the scale of average human perception dwells predominantly in a matrix of consciousness known as our local universe which is, for all intents and purposes, the scalar range of possibilities that defines all interactions and outcomes within a localized quantum environment — aka the perceivable dimensions of space-time. In this line of thought human beings, are merely a byproduct of our local universe — just a bunch of localized, smaller matrices within the universal matrix, which, in turn, exists as a matrix or “layer”, within a larger dimensional matrix.

In this instance, we can assume that the universe itself is comprised of thoughts, emotions, matter, and probably other aspects as well, as human beings are just one possible configuration of the available resources to express the universe’s predominant aspects, rendering us as a reflection of itself through the same procedures of its formation — albeit, confined to a smaller quantum environment. All the while, we are enabled to the same dimensional capabilities, otherwise, we would not exist within its dimensional matrix.

Within the shared dimensional matrix that we call the universe, each aspect (emotion, thought, and matter) has its own complex of energetic mechanisms, but in some cases, they share similarities in their movements and arrangements (due to their extra-dimensional nature). Within our own local dimensional matrix, the energetic structures of these aspects can coexist and combine within the same space-time coordinates, often organizing the flow of their energies into single or multiple points within a given environment, and eventually developing into forms similar to our own, all through the mechanisms of inherent, extra-dimensional, energetic awareness.


It has been proven that our local universe is made of 10, and possibly more more dimensions, in which each dimension encompasses and permeates through all dimensions beneath/within it. So, as a structure enters into another dimensional matrix, it loses or gains qualities, that are not compatible/can not exist, within the dimension they are entering, while always retaining the qualities that are shared between the correlating dimensional matrices.

To add some context here, let’s say that our matrix contains 4 observable dimensions and that the larger matrix that encompasses ours contains 5. We will speculate that this 5th dimension is consciousness (which we will also speculate is the raw organizational intelligence that underpins all energetic movements and mechanisms) in purely physical form. The 5th-dimensional matrix, would both encompass and permeate through our universe/matrix/space-time-consciousness dimensions; passing along its qualities from both the inside-out and the outside-in. In this process, the qualities of physical consciousness would then be distributed throughout the 1st to 4th dimensions, in varying forms, rations, functions, and capabilities. In essence, each variation would be a representation or reflection of the outer and inner dimensional environments, as they are being projected from “all sides”, all at once while taking any form that it is capable of, given the physical limitations of each dimensional matrix. Over time, the attribute of physical consciousness will situate itself in its presence in each of these lower dimensional forms, and through their shared attributes and aspects of consciousness, will, organize themselves in such a way that they can merge into forms that will eventually allow that “bundle” of consciousness to travel to and through each of the dimensions up to its 5th-dimensional physical format, in which it will then likely have to go through another process to realign with the requirements of a 6th dimension — this would essentially go on to the 10th, and possibly greater dimensions/matrices/quantum environments.

This ever-present mirroring effect presented to us by the Law of Correspondence along with the concept of inter-dimensionality suggests that by understanding ourselves (our personal matrix of inner and outer environments) — our thoughts, emotions, and perceptions (our inner matrices) — we can gain valuable insight into the processes governing the environments surrounding us (the outer matrices). In this way, the Law of Correspondence gives us a key point of perspective that transcends the boundaries of our perceived 4-dimension, personal matrices, allowing us to find the similarities between the inner self and the external self; leading us to the conclusion that if all things are just reflections and projections between the furthest points of the cosmic spectrum, it can indeed be perceived as one, singular object.


At its core, the Law of Correspondence provides a gratifying holistic view of life. It invites us to look beyond the surface of any one thing and urges us to consider how it is interconnected to all other things. Whether it is perceived as the inner and the outer, the cause and the effect, or even the then and the now, each situation or experience in life is inseparable from its occurrence.

Holding this perspective has the potential to inspire a profound sense of unity and oneness between our inner and outer environments. When aligning the inner self with the understanding of the Law of Correspondence, most will find that external circumstances are typically a reflection of the inner’s, and at other times it’s the opposite.

This can be observed by the phrase “You can take a man out of the village, but you can’t take the village out of the man”, as far as to say, the environment in which a person is raised shapes their internal environment; and if removed from that outer environment, that person’s internal environment will typically remain the same, and those inner circumstances will reflect onto any new surroundings in the same way it did the old one.

The key here though, is that when changing the state of the inner or outer environment (no matter the level of change), you initiate a shift in the energetic makeup of the situation that had sway over both environments, this provides the greatest possibility for potential change.

Once a shift has been initiated, the energy will have to be rearranged in a way that best resembles the new, or desired, outcomes — and if it isn’t shifted sufficiently enough, it will fall back into its previous state. Furthermore, the level of awareness or intensity of focus on your desired outcome will essentially dictate how you (the combination of your internal and external environments) will allow these reflections of you to harmonize (or how to best rearrange the energies), regardless of the situational components of either environment. This process creates a symbiosis between the inner and the outer, as you begin to use the processes used by both the inner and outer environments to communicate with each other. Just as you would use a fork to eat — consciously introducing and affecting change in your life is a highly useful tool for creating peace and harmony between you and greater dimensional spaces.

When observed in this way, following the Law of Correspondence can lead you to a more balanced and fulfilling life despite the situation, as you, the individual — the amalgamation of both the inner and outer dimensions, a fully realized interdimensional being, have a full understanding what determines your state of being and how to change it when necessary.

Integrating this principle into daily practice often yields remarkable results and realizations related to how the power of mindset, and the strength of feelings or beliefs can influence our external reality, just as the severity and impact of external events and surroundings can play its part in altering the internal experience, and ultimately how the two intrinsically affect each other.

This type of awareness empowers us to cultivate positivity, resilience, and clarity, in order to attract circumstances that reflect these qualities. Moreover, it offers a framework for personal growth and spiritual development by highlighting the importance of taking the necessary steps to effect change in your life.

Applying the Law of Correspondence involves dedicating one’s self to a unified perspective. Although it may take some effort, it can be achieved. Practices like mindfulness, meditation, and others that foster self-awareness and self-regulation can be extremely useful in this regard.

By nurturing a peaceful and positive inner environment, we set the stage for positive experiences and outcomes in our external world. and by observing and contemplating the external environment we can assess the state of the internal.

The Law of Correspondence is more than a philosophical concept or practical guide to living a life of balance, it is a law by which the universe itself abides; and by understanding and applying this law, we can open ourselves to the profound connection between our inner world and the universe at large. In doing so, we not only enrich our own lives but also contribute to the well-being of the human collective, as well as all other lifeforms, embodying the very essence of the principle that — as within, so without. All things are essentially one thing perceived differently.

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